Covid 19 – Important Changes From Tomorrow

Dear member,

As you are no doubt aware we have had to change our working practices to comply with legislation introduced to combat Covid 19. From tomorrow (Thursday 24th September) the following will now apply at Grayshott Social Club:

  • All Customers must wear face coverings except when seated at a table to eat or drink. Either a face mask or face shield must be worn unless seated, this includes upon entering the Club, finding a seat and using the toilet.
  • All drinks and snacks must be ordered from a table. Our staff will take your order at your table, collect your empties and deliver your order. We will take payment at your table, please do not use cash unless you have absolutely no alternative.
  • Our closing time for all days has been amended to 9.50pm, last orders will be called at 9.30pm. All customers must be off the premises (including outside) by 10pm. 
  • Unless you are a member, you should sign in using the NHS QR Code posters displayed in the Club or by giving contact details to staff, members’ details will be recorded by our till software.
  • As a reminder – you can form or join a group of up to six people but must remain in this group during your stay, you cannot move between groups of six and groups must not combine to form larger groups. Groups of six must be socially distanced from one another.

These rules are supported by legislation and enforceable by fines of up to £10,000 for non-compliance, for this reason anyone who has any difficulty with complying with these rules will be asked to leave.


Andy Smith
Club Secretary
23rd September 2020