Jazz Newsletter August 2020

Hello Folks At last – good news!
Grayshott Jazz Club will re-start on Tuesday 29th September at
Grayshott Social Club.
Dixie Demons will, once again, reverberate through the Grayshott night.
Our thanks to chairman David Phillips and vice-chairman Brian
Flounders for measuring up and laying out the seating arrangements in
accordance with the regulations concerning social distancing. This means we can accommodate 55 people for the jazz nights. You must have a face mask with you at all times when you are in the Function Room and would strongly advise you wear the mask when in that room, it must be worn when queuing for the bar.
I can appreciate the need for caution but I do believe we have covered the
issues of distancing from from every angle. I do understand, however, if
people are wary of coming out in these Covid times but we feel we have to
stick our toe in the water if only to try and get back to some semblance of
I will be writing later about the line-up.

Keep Jazzing

Dates for the diary
29th September 2020 – Jazz Club Dixie Demons, line-up to be announced.