Jazz Newsletter March 31st 2020

Hello folks

Tonight we would’ve been meeting at the Social Club for the monthly Jazz session. We will instead look forward to the April session. A month at a time is all we can hope for at the moment.

However, if you’re feeling at a loose end tonight I’d like you all to imagine we were all there at the Grayshott Virtual Jazz Club!

The line-up would be Bill on banjo, Dave on bass, Graham on drums, Andy Woon on trumpet and Tim Asson on clarinet.

There would be about 50-60 of us creating a great vibe for the musicians to deliver their hot stomping jazz! The band kicked off with ‘Sweetheart’s on Parade” (substitute your own favourite here and throughout the night) Bill would be singing, Andy would be singing, Dave would get up and sing one of his moody Western Swing songs. Bill would break a string! Talking of which, many years ago, I used to give my banjo a fearful pounding on gigs with the result that I used to break a lot of strings. Denny Illett used to say he would take the first solo. When asked why this was he replied that he wanted to get his solo in before “Deighan breaks a string”

Anyway we’re now on to the Virtual Naffle. What prizes? A tin of Ambrosia Creamed Rice perhaps. A pair of second-hand sandals? A set of napkins (sorry about the gravy stains) – I’m sure you could all have fun making them up.

I hope you enjoyed the evening and HOPE to see you next month.
Keep safe all you Jazz lovers.