Jazz Newsletter September 2020

Hello Folks – Latest news!
The Jazz night is going ahead on Tuesday with some added restrictions to
comply with the latest government directive:
Earlier start time and finish 7pm – 9.30.
I will provide a table service for drinks – no queueing at the bar.

So this is the shape of the evening –
On arrival (wearing a mask)
• Check in by either ticking your name on the list or adding your name to
the list.
• Pay for and pick up your Naffle ticket.
• Write down your drinks order.
• Find your table, enjoy the jazz and please be kind to your personal
It would help Helen and me enormously if we knew how many were
coming so it would be advisable to reserve a place beforehand.
We don’t expect for a minute that all our regulars will turn up under the
present circumstances and we fully understand and empathise.
In my head I have a figure of 30, but, however many, it will be great to get
the Jazz going again.
Keep Jazzing

PS don’t forget the Naffle – unwanted Easter eggs????