Live Sport at the Club This Week

Monday 30th September
Premier League
Man Utd v Arsenal                                              20:00
Tuesday 1st October
Champions League
Spurs v Bayern Munich                                     20:00
(Only one TV available due to redecoration)
Wednesday 2nd October
Champions League
Liverpool v Salzburg                                          20:00
(Only one TV available due to redecoration)

Thursday 3rd October
Europa League
Alkmaar v Man Utd                                             17:55
Arsenal v Liege                                                   20:00
Saturday 5th October
Premier League
Brighton v Spurs                                                 12:30
West Ham v Crystal Palace                                17:30
Rugby World Cup
England v Argentina  (Bacon rolls available)      09:00
Japan v Samoa                                                    11:30
Sunday 6th October
Premier League
Southampton v Chelsea                                     14:00
Newcastle v Man Utd                                          16:30
Premiership Rugby Cup
Northampton v Saracens                                   15:00