Members Newsletters Upgrade

We have recently improved the way we send out newsletters by email to members and are now using the mailchimp service connected to our website..

If you have already received a newsletter this way you can now update your preferences using the personalised link at the bottom of any email.

We currently have four newsletter options you can select or deselect

  • Events – News about all upcoming club major events
  • Jazz Club – Mike’s Jazz Club newsletters and list of Jazz Club events
  • Football – Live football being shown at the club
  • Rugby –  6 nations rugby and other major games being shown at the club

This gives you complete control over which newsletters you receive from now on.

If you haven’t received newsletters by email this probably means you haven’t told us your email address yet or the one you gave when joining has been changed.

Either way you can now simply subscribe on our  website using the form on the homepage giving your name and email address and indicating which newsletters you want to receive.

There is a pop up captcha screen to click to confirm you are not a robot and that’s it.

Non members can also now subscribe to newsletters in the same way and there is an option to indicate membership status when subscribing.

We will use the Membership option to send emails only to members when this is appropriate – such as this post.

The New Newsletter System is fully automated so that new posts to our club website will be sent out to the relevant newsletter categories at 5pm the same day and upcoming events lists on a weekly or monthly basis

You can unsubscribe altogether using the link at the bottom of the new emails but this means you may miss out on important news or membership matters – so please don’t!

We hope you find these changes an improvement but if you have any problems or suggestions to make please reply to this email or if you are reading this on the website use our contact form